Monday, October 28, 2013

Visualize your goals

Imagine the endpoint of your goals. Visualize it. Feel it, hear it, sense it with all your senses. Get it to the point where it is very real for you. If you want a good career, or degree, visualize it. If you want to be more fit, visualize yourself wearing the clothes you would like, doing the activities you want, etc. If you want a good relationship, visualize yourself doing the activities you would want with your partner. Get emotionally connected to these visions.

Now that you have the endpoint in sight, let’s say it’s set for five years from now, what would you be doing when you’re half way there? You’re probably deep into the project, doing the research, applying yourself, etc. Where would you be on these goals in one year? In six months? In one month? In one week? What would you need to do today and tomorrow to get yourself 1% closer to your ultimate goals?

You’ll make adjustments as you go along, of course — that’s just expected. You’ll inevitably have to do some revising of your plans. The external world and your own internal world will occasionally throw some obstacles in your way. But you do what you need to do to make those adjustments, and continue. The goal is like a beacon — you’re zeroing in on it, even if you go off course from time to time.

Visualizing the accomplishment of your goals helps create a positive emotional attachment to them, which helps to overcome the negative voices in us that come up. More about this next time.


Dave Roel.
Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what there is.
- Ernest Hemingway

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