Monday, October 14, 2013

Career, health, and relationships, in balance

It seems to me that success in life lies in establishing a balance in our lives. Most people concentrate all their energy into one or maybe two areas of life, and get very developed in that one area or two areas, at the cost of neglecting the other important areas of life. They may become perfect masters of one thing, but have lives that are otherwise undesirable. There are some people who become very successful in business, become very rich, but have done so at the cost of a healthy family or marriage. There are some people who are very successful in maintaining their health, but have poor finances or relationships. I don't think we need to sacrifice an important area in order to achieve success in another. I believe we can achieve healthy, sustainable success in all the important areas of life, simultaneously. We can have good health, good financial security, and good relationships, all at the same time. That's my working definition of success.

One area is not more important than another. They are all important. Because if we're like most people, and we concentrate on one area or maybe two areas and neglect the rest, it is the neglected areas that will eventually hurt us. We can't neglect our health indefinitely. We can't neglect our finances indefinitely. We can't neglect our relationships indefinitely. Eventually, it is the area or areas that we have neglected that will bring us down. Maybe not this year, or next year, but eventually.

Career, health, and relationships, in balance.


Dave Roel.
The survival of a civilization or an individual depends upon its ability to adapt to change.
- Kenneth Johnson

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