Friday, October 4, 2013

Dave's Favorite Writers 2

So why don’t I tell you about some more of my favorite writers.

Jonathan Carroll is a remarkable fantasist, a prodigious imagination, and a searing, emotionally affecting writer. His work twists and plays with your expectations, delights with the inventiveness of the confabulations, and somehow always drills to the core of your heart. He is highly regarded in the field as a superb writer. Sample any of his works, and you’ll be hooked.

Tom Stoppard is a playwright. His work is filled with wordplay, intellectual rumination, puns, inventive scenarios, enthralling characters, compelling ideas, and plenty of humor. Reading Stoppard (or watching a production of one of his plays, if possible) is an intellectual joy. He is a writer who respects the audience’s intelligence. Give him a try, if this sounds like your kind of thing.

Jorge Luis Borges is not in any way obscure — he’s one of the most famous writers of the twentieth century. There’s little I can say to add to the abundant praise he has deservedly received. He was a titanic imagineer, a writer of sublime intellect and interest. He wrote mental joyrides through universes of thought and possibility, constructed elegant machines of concept and magic. His stories insinuate themselves into your mind, expand your horizons, altering you forever.

These writers get my highest recommendation — their works have provided me with endless hours of stimulation and delight. Give any of them a try, if they sound like the sort of thing you’d be into.

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This week’s cartoon is an all-time classic.


Dave Roel.
A man is as strong as he will let himself be. That is the first truth of magic.
- Alan Moore

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