Sunday, October 27, 2013

Only a little less than 2 months to go...

          AND WE ARE DONE with the semester! I can't believe it's happened so fast. It's extra strange for me as a first year, because just earlier this year I wasn't halfway done with my classes til December. Midterms weren't even until after winter break, and October still counted as early in the school year. Here, we're hitting the halfway mark or already past it. I haven't been posting as regularly because of midterms...I should have accounted for them.
          I really should have accounted for the transition from high school to college, because as a high schooler, we took 7 classes every day no big deal so I thought 5 would be so easy! Man I was wrong. I ended up withdrawing from a class and now I only have 4. )': Well as Caitlin put it, better a W than a D, right? I'm actually really bummed about this decision because I dropped my favorite class, English 211. I just could not keep up with two literature classes so I decided to keep English 102. The workload in 211 was heavier and too fast-paced for me and it was taking time away from studying for the classes that I actually could keep up with. On top of that, my 211 was a night class that ended at 10, and I had a morning class at 7 the next morning, so it was a little....hectic.
         Not academically, something I enjoy here at FC is the Stinger's Cafe. Although small, they really do provide a great variety and I like to find shelter there early in the mornings in between classes. Since it's about 8 AM, there are only 5-10 people there sipping their coffees and it's just really nice. Something else I got really excited about on campus was the book sale in front of the library they had a couple weeks back. I found a great hardcover novel for $6 and it looked brand new so I was really really excited about that. I can't wait to see what else the rest of the semester has in store for me!

Joy ☼

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  1. hi joy ☼, i really like your posts ! they're so relatable and fun to read! ^_^ stinger's cafe is one of my favorite places on campus too.. maybe i'll bump into you there!