Friday, October 18, 2013

Some random reviews

So how about some pop culture reviews.

TV. Breaking Bad. Entertaining. Good music. The lesson: getting involved in crime is always a bad idea.

Agents of Shield. Honestly, I'm finding it a little weak. Seems kind of cheap looking. Not really that thrilling. The characters aren't really all that compelling. Sure, it's really early, and I'm willing to give it a chance to settle into its groove. But it seems a bit bland.

Comics. Still enjoying Hawkeye. The current Infinity event is fairly decent cosmic hoo ha, as long as you don't think about it too much. Strangely, I feel that Astro City has taken a bit of a jump in writing quality lately, which surprises me; I've never been overly impressed with Busiek's writing.

I'm actually kind of enjoying what Mark Waid is doing with Daredevil. He's done what he should do, write it the way he wants, without being indebted to the past. He doesn't want to imitate the past, mean streets, gangland crime stories; he's set the thing solidly in the Marvel universe, and writing it as a super-hero book, which I think is a good decision. He's certainly paid more attention to Daredevil's powers than anyone has in a long time, and the story is compelling and solidly crafted. The visuals are pretty inventive, too, especially with the depictions of Daredevil’s radar sense. A good read.

I'm also enjoying Waid's Indestructible Hulk, Slott's Superior Spider-Man, and Aaron's Thor. Not really enjoying Bendis's X-Men, or really any X-books these days, or Forever Evil, or really much of anything DC these days. X-books and DC are really fairly dismal these days.

Now a cartoon!

Bendito Machine IV - Fuel the Machines from Zumbakamera on Vimeo.


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