Wednesday, October 16, 2013

TV Shows vs. Movies

          I was talking to one of my friends the other day about a TV show, and he started arguing with me that it would have been better if it had become a movie trilogy instead of a television show.
          Now I disagree. I remember I used to be a crazy movie person, I'd have a "to-watch" list I used to search up movies online and find them on youtube and watch them in you guys remember that? Or was I the only one? They used to upload them in parts of 10 and I'd pre-load them all and think, "the internet is so cool, I can find a WHOLE movie online!" Okay I was like 12. I was fascinated.
          I hadn't yet discovered TV shows yet though, so I just kept re-watching the same movies. But then, one day my mom decided to get cable--this was years ago, when people actually watched TV and almost everyone had cable--for the first time in my whole life. Well she ended up canceling it after 3 weeks because I wouldn't get off the couch. But in those three weeks, I caught a random episode of the first television show I had ever seen that wasn't on Disney Channel. It really intrigued me, and I decided to look it up on Wikipedia and then I looked it up online and started over from the beginning. And then it happened.
          One show lead to another, and another, and now I'm finally here knee-deep in my shows and so happy it's currently TV show seasons. All my favorites have finally come back from hiatus after an incredibly long summer of waiting and that is something you cannot get from a movie. 
         Man, I almost completely stopped watching movies afterwards. I only go to the theater like, once a year now. Movies are great. But wow they're short. After watching like, 9 seasons worth of Grey's Anatomy and to see a story stretch out for nine years and then watching Pitch Perfect and see it end in less than two hours, it's just...really different. With TV shows, you become extremely attached to the character and unless we're comparing a show to Harry Potter--which I bet would have made an extremely awesome show--you get to see the characters grow from little adolescents to people who get their life together and, I don't know, it just feels so much more real! 
          Character growth is one of my favorite things. To me, it is so amazing to see the writer twist a character into somebody I cannot stand for two seasons into a hero or a heroine by the end. I'm sure you can get that from a movie too but it's a lot cooler when you've hated them for two years only to realize they're not that bad than if you hate a character for thirty minutes because then what kind of a plot is that.
          There is so much potential in a movie. But because of the time limit, there's only so much they can do. Some storylines are definitely better off short and to the point, but for the ones that are hurried, can't you imagine if your favorite movie was stretched out into seasons, and you got to see your favorite character every Wednesday night on your screen do different things?! Yeah, that's something you don't get from movies.

Joy ☼

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