Sunday, November 28, 2010


21. I'm 21 years old ever since Saturday. It is beyond my ability to comprehend that somehow I have come this far. With my body. Soul. Mind. With me. And now I'm here and another chapter in my life begins. The cycle of my human nature keeps on turning. On and on and on. Forever with a little push of hope.

And that is with my feet I carry, and with my legs I push, and with my arms I hold myself in the turmoil of my everyday survival, and my goal is, that soon enough I won't only be surviving, but rather living, the type of living that fuels soul and spirit.

I have been working six days this week, five over at metro pcs, where things seem still and calm, I still have a lot to learn there. And today was over at Rubio's. It was very hectic for a little bit. It made me want to throw up just moving so fast and being so stressed over what all customers were saying. But I got through, and not even a scratch. I'm made of steel.

But the most important thing in my life right now, ladies and gentleman, let's pray together as tomorrow the dream act takes yet another lift off the ground, congress will once more be voting on it. With our good hearts and good wishes, with the most inner good energy that we can find, let us stand as one and be witnesses that in fact miracles do exist.

I leave in pray and hope for the best.

Stay Tuned

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