Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So this past weekend has been so long and busy that I did not even have time to write my second blog of the week. I feel bad that I did not get to write the second blog. I love writing and I feel like it relieves some of my stress.

This weekend I worked so much because the holidays are coming up. On Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday I worked eight hours, it was so crazy! On Sunday I didn't get off work until 12am. Usually the latest we get off on a Sunday is 9pm. Three extra hours is a huge difference, especially because I have class Monday morning at 7:30am. Yesterday was such a long day!

Completely off the subject but I am having such a hard time deciding what school to choose.... There are so many good options but the hardest thing for me is to decide if I want to go because I want a great education or if I want to play water polo for a better team. This is so confusing! I know most people would say go for the education especially because it would be a free education at one of the schools; however, I am not sure I want to go there just because the education is free. My parents will probably kill me for saying that but they would also tell me to go where ever is going to make me happy. Can't someone just show me a little white light and tell me where to go? That would be so helpful.

Well, I have to go get some homework done. I have math homework due at midnight tonight that i have not started and then a 4 page paper due tomorrow that again I have not yet started.

So, Until my fingers meet the keys,

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