Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dream Act will be voted on Nov. 29th

Things have rushed real quickly throughout the past two days. First of, I was the poster boy for a story a few friends were making on the dream act. I was filmed around during the day. Interviewed. Asked a lot of questions. Photographed. And well, I was glad to be part of that. That pretty much took the whole day yesterday. All of that is to show what it is like to be an undocumented student. And to be honest, it's not really that different from anybody else. Except for the stuff that goes through your mind and you can't get a job legally or drive or travel out the country. Or get finanacial aid. I have a hard time paying for school as it is.

But you know, I keep a positive outlook on life. I'm a happy person. And that gives me the drive to not give up.

On other topics, this Friday we leave to Fresno for the final race of the season. I'm excited because it's the last, and I'm also relieved because I need a break, I think everyone on the team needs a break. So yes, we are running the State Meet. I didn't get to run it last year. But now I will. I'm gonna give it my best.

Hmmmm. I still need to revise my short story. I've only done my first draft. I had it workshopped in my class but I don't think a lot of people did their part as to read it. The way it works, is somebody submits a work and the whole class reads it, then we disscuss it, I've read pretty much all of them and talked about them in class. But I think when my turn came a lot of people lagged it and I was kinda upset about that. But I was happy my teacher was able to provide really great stuff to me. Feedback. So yeah, Amanda Waltzer-Prieto is just an amazing instructor, she's funny and passionate and even really cute. That's a compliment. Haha.

Yeah I'm dead tired from today. I have a lot of my mind. And there is a lot I haven't spoken about but I will do that sometime soon. I'm not ready to talk of it yet.

But I will say though is, the dream act will be voted on the 29th of this month. i really need this to pass. You guys have no idea how drastically it would change my life. 360 degrees that would be.

So please, if you find it in your heart, call a few senators or send a few emails, look for Dream Act 2010 on facebook and join that, they give out a lot of helpful info as to what to do to get it passed.

Please, do this for me and the thousands of other students that are in my situation. It really is no fun having no identity on a goddamn piece of paper.

Stay Tuned

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