Monday, November 8, 2010

Something is making me tick

In pyschology, we talked of marriage, and what it takes to develop a good one. But who knows, maybe you won't really know all that stuff until you are there, with your special someone, and then you can be like "wow, they were right," or, "no, they weren't right."

Often I think of myself as an easy going person, and I mean, I'm only 20 years old, soon to be 21 (hooray!) so I still got a long way to go before I get to that place people call marriage. And maybe when you marry it isn't actually being married, maybe being married just means being there together and just kinda going through situations and feeling good while you are at it. I feel I can't really go into a heavy conversation about that, my words wouldn't describe it.

I think I was having spasms during class, oh boy, my head would just shake a bit at times, I think I was twiching.

Then again, this weekend was fast, too pushy. Maybe that's why I was twiching now. Saturday we had a race in San Diego, we made it to state :) I stayed up pretty late that day. Sunday I had work. And OMG! The manager whose guts I hate was there, but to my surprise, he didn't say anything to me so that really helped. And I'm sorry, when I say hate I don't actually mean hate, I just mean dislike, I disliked the way he treated me and made me feel because of the fact I was just beginning that job and he would give me these looks when I would "eff" up stuff.

But I'm past that, I'm Zen, and I no longer care for that. I just go through.

I keep twiching still.

Stay tuned

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