Saturday, November 27, 2010

Over it!

I am so over guys trying to hit on me when they have children and/or a girlfriend/baby momma. Recently this past week I have had three blasts from the past and for the most part they were not good ones. Just to show what type of experiences they were here is an example.

I was dating this one guy in high school for a very short time and this week he just told me that he wants to hang out this coming week and talk about us. He told me that he never got over me and blah blah blah. That is nice to hear and kind of flattering, but the fact is he has a girlfriend and he has two children. There is nothing wrong with having children, but I think that if someone does have children then they should worry about taking care of them and not trying to talk to girls, especially when they have a girlfriend.

I am super frustrated because it seems like there are no good guys out there anymore. All the guys that hit on me or at least lately have girlfriends. It's not like I am looking for a guy, but jeez does every guy have to be a slime ball. It just sucks because those poor girls that are with these guys are getting cheated on by these slime balls and they probably have no idea. Because if they are trying to talk to me I bet they are trying to talk to others as well. I just do not understand the point of cheating on someone. If you want someone else then just break it off with the other person and live the single life. Right? Anyways,

Until my fingers meet the keys,

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