Monday, November 15, 2010

It's all good stuff

On Sunday I got off work at 10, I came home and started working on that short story I had to finish. By 3 am I was able to complete it and email it. I actually didn't get to sleep until about four in the morning. All I to wake up at six and realize I still had practice.

I couldn't go through with practice, my body was drained from the weekend and from lack of sleep. My throat was hurting so much too. I think because it'd been cold at work and then my body just kinda gave out. I texted my coach and told her what was going on. I think she understood.

So yeah, this morning I didn't go to practice. But on top of that, I had a test for psychology. I actually only had about an hour of study. I took the bus to school and I studied there. Not the best place to do it. I didn't feel very prepared compared to other tests I have taken. I felt pretty shaky about it. So yes. This morning wasn't the smoothest of all. But you know what, regardless of that, it's all good. Because after class, I got to spend some great time with Kyle, we watched a movie called Paris Texas and it was excellent, it actually had me at the verge of tears. In that movie there is a scene where a boy who hasn't seen his mother for many years, re encounters with her again. It reminded me of my own mother and how we met again after not seeing her for two years. When I told kyle that, I almost cried, my voice was starting to break and I know he noticed it. He was very cool about it. We laughed after that though.

After that, another friend named William, along with his friend Julissa, came over to FJC to interview me on regards of me being an undocumented student. They are working on this story or project or contest and their subject was undocumented students. They chose me to be the face of it and I gladly agreed. They filmed me around for a little bit, took some photos, interviewed me and Kyle. And tomorrow they are coming back to see me during practice and they will film me there. They want to see what somebody like me does on a daily basis. The truth is, I'm just like any other guy, I do the same stuff. With the exception of not having a piece of paper that says I have the right to be in this country. Other than that, its' all good stuff.

After that Kyle and I headed to Randy's dinner with his family, Randy is a teammate on the xc team and today was his birthday. He's a real mellow guy and very likable. So yeah, that's where I ended up today. I haven't really had time to catch my breath ever since Saturday.

On a last note, I came home to find "Beyond Borders" on MSNBC, it was a disscussion on immigration.

So you know, I'm happy, I feel happy at the moment. I'm surrounded by great loving people. It's all good, it's all good stuff.

Stay Tuned

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