Sunday, November 14, 2010


Since we didn’t have school on Friday to observe Veterans Day, I overslept. After I woke up around 10 a.m., I went on Youtube to search for some songs about thanksgiving. There were not as many specific songs about thanksgiving as I thought there would be. Oh the reason I was trying to look for the songs was because I will have a thanksgiving dinner party this following Saturday and sing songs with friends. Seems quite nerve-racking but I can’t wait because I love singing especially Christian songs. That always makes me fully happy.

As most people would feel the same way, Friday is the best day for me. No school (well, I have a morning class but not this week!), the weekend is near, and there is the bible study I usually go to every Friday! I am not sure but I think I mentioned why I love Fridays on the first or second blog. I get very excited for everything every Friday. Sadly, Monday is coming and I have a ton of homework to do since I procrastinated over the weekend. By the way, I am a big procrastinator. I hate to be, but I really am. I need to do papers due Tuesday, do homework and study for a test on Monday.. Wow this is a procrastinator’s life. I bet I won’t do all of them tonight but do some of’em tomorrow morning before I leave for school. See? I am very last minute.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I have class from 1:30 to 4 and 4:30 to 6:30 and will be tutored at the writing center at 7p.m. After I get home, I will probably have to finish the papers due Tuesday and start to work on the essay for Wednesday. Hope everything goes well next week! I can’t wait for thanksgiving! :)

After all, tomorrow is another day, Brianna

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