Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pushing through a weekend of work

Well hmmmm another day of work, and I missed at party because of it. What a freakin bummer. Seriously. I did want to go to the party, to the fancy celebration, with friends and just untangle and unravel. But, there are other things at hand that must be dealt with, like work. And this short story that I have to finish by tomorrow so that I can submit it in asap because it will be workshoped on Tuesday by my creative writing class. Yup, ladies and gentleman, I'm a writer in development, that's what I'm. I get a kick out of it. Too much of a kick. I paint too, did I ever say that, I"m an artist, I like to paint using oils, hmmm, I started painting sunsets a while back, now I'm doing abstracts, about growth and progress, these paintings I've been working on lately have a very positive kick to it, they are meant to bring good vibes to whoever owns it. I'm gonna put up pictures of what I do once I get a damn camera. So if you are interested or know anybody that is interested in acquiring some of my artwork, let me know. I would gladly appreciate it.

Tomorrow I have another day of work, from three to ten. I just wanna get it over with, having to work later in the day kinda ruins your whole day, because you can't really go out early and then come back. But oh well, at least I have a job and I can get some money to pay for stuff. I have to save up for school fees this coming semester, that's gonna be around 500 or more, oh my god, so much money. And what bums me out is that I don't really get any financial support from the school or anything. On account that I wasn't born here, and therefore I'm not a citizen or anything, and therefore I don't have the right to many things I can't think of right now. That's why my hopes and dreams lie on the Dream Act. Please, Please, I really want it to pass!

Anyway, I guess I'll go into account of how I wasn't born here and all that other stuff in my next post, I'm kinda tired now.

Stay Tuned

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