Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Catching Up With Time

Hello again. It’s been awhile since our last date but for all good reasons I suppose. It seems as though running, work, and school have taken over my life...for good. I've notice that not as much free time to post blogs or even hang out with family can compare to the amount of studying and sleep deprivation I’ve accumulated over the past 2 months since I’ve began this journey. Since we last met I was telling you about my busy school schedule and a bit of qualities about myself. This time around I think I will focus on a bit of everything.
Our last date I mentioned this interesting photo assignment my Photography teacher gave us and how excited I was to embark on an artistic journey. Well I feel that this Photo 101 class have made me appreciate art to a whole other level and I, in my wildest dreams, would like to be the next Gilles Bensimon to the top fashion models and celebrities of our time. But my true dream of being a Journalist for a fashion magazine is put on hold while I try and understand the connection between marine zones and scale activity for my Oceanography class.

My enjoyment of wearing DKNY perfume has been overshadowed with sweat from this mornings practice, and the love of trending an outfit and paring it with Steve Madden glitter flats have been replaced with Spandex, a beat down Running shirt, and none the less a 6 month old pair of dirty running shoes. "Only on Tuesdays" was the expression used as a joke to label the obscurity of a one day slip up....but it seems though that everyday is a "Only on Tuesdays" kind of day. The need to get 20 more minutes of study time for a History exam is worth sacrificing the usual 30 minutes it takes me to get ready after practice…even if it means ditching the burgundy cardigan I purchased over the weekend.

I feel that the saying parents use most often is “I don’t have enough time in the day to get things done.” Well parentals…I hear ya! There is not enough time in the day to feel completely rested, study 3 hours per class, work a 5.5 hr shift, and spend time with family, my boyfriend, and my puppy. So Father Time if you are out there, give me your clock so I can stop time to have time to finish this date and everything else in my schedule.

Speaking of time, I better start heading over to class.

Till our next date,


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