Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Child of the earth

Ah hmmm, Coach Harris fell from his bike today, into a ditch, but I didn't see it. It happened during our run. It was near this water fountain on the horse trail. Like I was just passing by and suddenly Coach Harris was coming out of a ditch with his bike, that stroke me as being a bit odd, like why would Coach Harris be in a ditch with his bike right. I asked him, I said, "Hey Coach Harris, did you fall?" And he said, "Hmmm yah, I was trying to go up that incline and I wasn't going fast enough, so I tumbled and I tried to bail but my foot got caught in the wheel." Something like that. He was fine though. Only he scratched his thumb.

That's what happened in today's run.

Later in class, in psych class, hmmm, well nothing really, notes and listening and sitting next to madi and kyle, and pretty much.

I watched a documentary with Kyle later, 180 degrees south, that's what it's called. It depicts the journey of these guys going down into Patagonia Chile to try and climb a mountain. They don't actually get all the way up, they were short a few hundred feet. But there was a lesson in this, that even if we don't accomplish what we seek to do, it's not the end, because we can turn around 180 degrees and take a step forward, turn around and take a step forward. It just means you are rerouting your ways of doing things, because turning back doesn't mean giving up.

I ended up watching another documentary about the effects and consequences immigrants coming from Mexico and South America have to face. Many die, and those who are able to make it still face many other challenges.

Now I'm home. Safe and sound. My mood, right now, I feel reflective. And I give thanks that I have schooling, and food, and shelter, and friends and a healthy life. I'm rich in that sense, I'm a millionaire. I can't even grasp the immensity of how thankful I'm. Like I had this quesadilla today that was so great and delicious, and I thought that it's great I could just get it right there in the cafeteria without any real strugle, I have the means for it, and it's easy. And I thought of those who maybe aren't so lucky. I'm gonna embrace my life more.

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