Thursday, October 7, 2010

Black eye...

During practice today I received a nice black eye from one of my teammates. We were in the middle of a scrimmage when she got up and shot the ball. As I attempted to block her shot, she released and hit me right in the left eye with her heavy wrist. This isn't the first time she has hit someone in the head/face. When she shoots her hand just happens to hit people. Accident or on purpose we will never know.

So, the funny thing about me having a black eye today is that on Tuesday I too hit someone in the eye. I really did not mean to hit her in the eye and I do not know how many times I apologized to her, unlike some other nameless people. Anyways, I poked her in the eye so hard when I was spinning around that it got swollen immediately! Everyone thought it was going to be a black eye for sure. She actually just laughed it off and said, "thanks, I always wanted a black eye."

The thing that was funny about my black eye today was that my teammate that I poked was mad at me because hers didn't turn into a black eye and mine did almost instantly. She said that next time I need to man up and finish the job. That if I am going to hurt her like I did by poking her in the eye, I better make it worth it and give her a black eye.

She made me feel a lot better by telling me that because I know she wasn't mad at me for hurting her on accident, but it was funny when she told me next time I better finish the job. It is funny to think how water polo players love bruises and scratches and black eyes to tell the story about how it happened, but other people hate to have such ugly marks on their bodies. We look at them as battle wounds that have a tremendous meaning behind them and others look at them as disgusting. To each their own I guess. But for me I will continue to get battle wounds and tell all about them.

Until my fingers meet the keys, Amber

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