Thursday, October 7, 2010

To say anything else

Hmmm.....I forgot to do my paper for my media aesthetics class today. Oops! I will do it tomorrow morning.

The weeks has pretty much slipped through my fingers, I think in a good way though. It's just gone fast, it's one of those school weeks that go by fast.

The one thing I can truly remember about this week is reconnecting with that certain someone from high school. For over a year I had not had a conversation with her, at least not face to face. She passed by while I was sitting with Kyle, a friend of mine. I called out her name and she said hello, she asked to sit with us and I said of course. After Kyle left we started talking of so many things, like what has happened and mostly the things that have changed. While conversing with her I realized how much I have missed this person, I have missed the friend in her, the soul in her, the funny person in her, but mostly, just her as she is. She really opened up to me, I did too, but I think she opened up more. So I just listened, and I mean, I really listened. I gave her my complete attention. She has not changed at all, she has matured of course, but she's still jolly and good hearted. I'm really glad I was able to sit there and converse with her. She has no idea how much it relieved me to just know she's still here and that somehow I'm still part of her life in a way. I wish I could've had more time to talk with her but I didn't, hence having to work.

And work, oh God. So this manager, which I'm starting to think we're not really on the same vibe, called my attention about three times over a few tiny things that were really unsignificant. And it's not so much that he's telling me how to do it or how I can improve, but the way he comes off and the tone of his voice, it's sounds like he's the most righteous king of the goddamn fish taco. No buddy, you are not the the king, and it's just a fast food Restaurant. And I mean, this is what the guy tells me on some of his advice: "Assume all customers are idiots." I don't think he's gonna get anywhere in life with that mentality, and he says I'm the rookie. I think not.

I love the cooks though, this cook called me over and he said not to worry, to just agree with him and be like "oh yeah yeah for sure" but to not mind it. He kinda made it sound like the manager was an asshole sometimes but to not get all down on myself for it. I really liked that and deep down I thank that cook for telling me that because I was feeling a bit humiliated and down. The cooks are awesome, this other cook always keeps asking me if I already ate, he's funny.

As for my running today I didn't feel so good, my legs felt sore and out of sync, but like I said, I'm thankful to have legs, just like I'm thankful to enjoy other things.

You know, tomorrow will be a great day and I will be there for it.

Stay Tuned

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