Friday, October 15, 2010

So take it easy

It appears today was my last time running at Mt. SAC as part of a team. This course started since way back in my freshman year in high school and oh my god, look how fast time has gone by. Every year I found myself on that course, time after time, some were good and some were bad. I ought to say though that I'm proud of myself because out of all those times I ran it today was by far the best one.

Like I said, Coach B. gave us the option to run it or not. Most of the guys chose not to run it because they need a break, but I don't know, I just felt like I had to run it because something good awaited me. I thought about this concept, sometimes when I'm running I want to quit so badly, and what pisses me off the most, or better said, what empowers me the most, is that I never quit, not even when I'm given the option. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever. I'm never quitting.

So yes, on account of all that, I decided to at least run this race and take it as a work out, I decided to take "the pressure factor" off and what happened amazed me. I went in with a mentality of taking it easy and I found this place, this peaceful feeling that allowed me to move faster. The whole time I kept saying to myself, "Remember, the pressure factor is off." When I came through the finish line I couldn't believe it, I had broken my pr from the year before. That was pretty amazing. And here I was telling myself I was going to take it easy when I felt amazing.

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