Sunday, October 10, 2010

so cal preview

Good things do still exist, in the most satisfying-fulfilling way. I'm referring to yesterday's race in San Diego. It is my first time traveling down there, it's quite nice. We raced at this park that's pretty much next to the ocean. Everything is near the ocean in so cal, but this one, was literally right next to the water.

I had tried not to worry so much about the race, so I came to the conclusion that I should just go out there and run my own race. It worked to my advantage. I saw Johnny and Javier several times, at one point they were both ahead of me, but it was at the last mile when something happened, I started to pick it up all through out, I passed Johnny, and then I kept picking it up. I was at the final 300 meters and legs broke loose and I was pushing such a strong pace, this was my kick, speeding up, step by step, catching guy after guy, like poom! And then. OMG. I passed Javier within the last 10 meters. I was pumping with Adrenaline.

Once at the chute, I gave Javier a hug.

Overall I'm very pleased with my results. I managed to be number 3 on the team but what really makes me proud is that I never once slowed down during the race, I always kept pushing it.

By the way, Javier and Johnny are my old high school teammates. They now run for OCC. We had a picture together after everything.

That's pretty much everything that happened yesterday.

I have work today, and speaking of that, I was called in yesterday by one of the managers, Octavio, but I told him I was in SD and I couldn't go. He said it was alright, and then he wished me good luck. I like that manager.

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