Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Today is going perfect!

I woke up at 8 with a very fresh mind. I thought I had some homework to do before class but figured out that I already did it a few days ago!

I had two pieces of bread for breakfast and checked my email. I had a chat with a friend on Facebook for a while afterwards. Since I have been recently so addicted to playing Tetris, I played it as usual more than ten times and won like 8 times. What a great start of a day! That made me happy because I,for some reason, felt that today would go great!

I took a shower while my Ipod was being charged. I walked to school with a bottle of water since the weather was great even though it was kind of windy. Besides, exercising made me happy. It had been like two weeks since I walked to school. Thanks to the long distance, I got three big blisters on my feet. They were really hurting, so I went right away to the health center to get some band-aids. Despite it, I was happy!!! I couldn’t stop humming even when I was sticking the band-aids on my feet. Everything was going just perfect!

I had chicken tenders and a yogurt for lunch and went to class. Class was a bit boring, but it went great. After I had a 30 minutes break, I went to the Japanese class. It also went great. We played lots of games in class and all of the students had fun!

I got back home around 7 and had Flame Broiler for dinner! I put 4 little cups of hot sauce in my bowl. Then, as a dessert, I had 2 Oreos. All the food I had was very tasty. Delicious food always makes me feel happy!

I checked my Facebook and am taking a rest right now! I will play cards soon. Playing cards is my favorite thing to do when I am relaxing! The game is called “Spite and Malice.” Very cruel game. I always enjoy playing it though.

I don’t have homework for tomorrow. What a wonderful day today was! I will play Tetris a couple more times, read the bible and then go to bed. Yay! Today was awesome.

Hopefully tomorrow will go as spectacular as today.

After all, tomorrow is another day, Brianna

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