Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Meet and Greet

So I never really know how to start off these informal blogs. Do I state my name, age, city of birth? Or do i begin by saying, "Hi there, I am really interesting," while trying to really hope that the rest of the blog is not boring.

Well let me start of by saying that my name is Samantha and I am a college student, a Fullerton College student to be exact. I should inform you readers that since I am on the Cross Country team here at school, some percentage of the statements I make will be about running...although I will try and not make it all of my focus, as to give you some depth into my life as a Fullerton College student, but to definitely make it known that yes, I do run in 100 degree weather and occasionally get chafing-what? I am a runner and that's what happens.

Lets see, how do i begin my day? Well since this is the first time we are meeting I should give a little synopsis about my weekly schedule. I will be short and sweet. I begin practice everyday at 7 am-which means i get an awesome parking spot (yes!)-and have photography 101 and English 103 on Monday's and Wednesdays. Then on Tuesday's and Thursday's it becomes a bit tricky. On Tuesdays, keep in mind that I have running practice when roosters awake, I have Oceanography, work, then a History night class till 10pm . But the best part of Thursday's is that since my History class is only on Tuesday's night, that leaves me with Oceanography and that's it! Well partially that's it because sometimes i have work after and it tends to be an 8 hour shift. And on Friday I do not have class, thank goodness! But hold it! I do have races, which means my weekend technically doesn't start until either Saturday if I do not have a race or Sunday-high five for one day weekend! Other than that, I survive my time consuming schedule and have time for certain events, family, friends, and a bit of me time (shopping time).

For instance, I am super excited for my Photography assignment that is due in 2 weeks-a candid photo assignment! Finally! I can take a picture of someone picking their nose and them not even realize that, "ya! I gotcha buddy! On film!" How awesome is that!? Actually I really like my Photography class. I was a fan of taking pictures before but know knowing all the mechanics of a camera and now "seeing the vision" rather than just snapping a shot just to get to the end, really makes a difference to the way I take pictures now.

I understand that this Meet and Greet of ours was just the beginning to many dates we will be having over the next few months, but I promise I will be as interested in your questions as I hope you are in mine. I do have to tell you that it may seem I am a talkative person-not one of those annoying subway cell phone talkers-but one that is just full of life and can't wait to see where her future takes her..Hopefully all around the world....Oh gosh that's a whole other date! Like Dinner and a Movie...not a Keanu Reeves movie but a Meryl Streep meets George Clooney Marathon!

So until our next date, Samantha

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