Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Path to Somewhere...

Everyday I take the same freeway to school and back to my house, and the same freeway to work and then back home...

I cannot help but wonder that the person in the car next to me does the same thing. But how can I be sure? Maybe the person in the blue Honda CRV is on a journey. Maybe she is on the path to finding herself. How would I know that she takes the same freeway everyday? I wouldn't!

Every time I pass a car on one of these freeways, I take daily, I can't help but look through their window and wonder what they got going on for that day. Some ladies are doing their make-up(maybe running late for work), some talking on the phone(maybe to a boyfriend/girlfriend), some men banging their head to the radio, and yet I cannot seem to figure out what path they are taking. Sometimes I am tempted to completely disregard the path that I am on just to see the path that someone else is on.

Another thing I can't help but to wonder is, is the person next to me even wearing pants? How would anyone know if you are wearing pants or not? Sometimes it can get extremely hot and your a/c might not work so you take off your pants and roll down the window. I know it might be too much information but I have done that before. But that is because I was still in my swim suit. Some people may like to do it just because. Who are we to judge?

The point I am trying to make is everyday we go on a "path to somewhere", but where is that path really leading us? How do we know when we will actually reach our final destination to this particular path? It seems to me that everyday is a new journey and what we do when we get to the end is our choice. Is it the end of the journey or is it just the beginning of a new journey?

Keep your path to somewhere going everyday and hopefully you will find yourself in the process....

Until my fingers meet the keys, Amber


  1. thanks for the hope, i think i really needed to read something like this at this time

  2. I'm glad I could help. I think I really needed it yesterday as well... hope everything is picking up for you.