Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Homework and tests are never ending!

Ok, here is a big difference in my college life that I have experienced between Korea and here in America. First, when I was in college in Korea, I never really opened my textbooks unless the midterms were near. I chilled with friends all the time and sometimes ditched class. But once the midterms were announced, I never got out of the library. I didn't even go to sleep for like four days because I had to catch up on all I had learned. Can you believe it? Four days! This was the most extremely insane time for me. I was almost literally sleep-walking and sleep-eating. When one of my friends and I were walking on campus, I heard her say, "Hey dude! Watch out! Oops, are you asleep? Hey! Hey! Wake up!!!" Well, I was about to be hit by a car. Yes, I was sleeping and walking at the same time. And I finally ended up falling asleep in the library and snored as loud as thunder, according to my friends. This happened like two years ago, but they still tease me sometimes.

Ok here we go, next, my college life here at Fullerton College. A very good thing here is that I haven't had such crazy days and I usually finish homework in time. However, I am normally stuck in the library more than three days a week to complete tons of homework and to study for never ending tests. I often go crazy because it's overwhelming and it's all in English! Another good thing though is that because I keep studying or at least doing homework, I don't easily forget what I have learned in class and digest it better than I used to in Korea! I can't imagine how hard it would be for the students who work and study.

I need to go back to studying Japanese for a test tomorrow. Ugh! Learning a new
language is not so easy, but always fun! Plus it seems real cooool :) Doesn't
it? Haha. Hope all of you do well on your tests and get good grades at the end
of this semester! This is what we strive for. Right? Go guys! Let's go back to

After all, tomorrow is another day, Brianna

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