Monday, October 25, 2010

The week ahead

I'm a bit nervous about Thursday. We will be running conference finals and I've got some nerves. It's a bit different though, the nerves, because this time I'm expecting myself to do well and put my body through a break through, a break through performance unlike anything I've done before. Now I'm feeling this way because I've done my homework on the running part, and this week I'm taking good care of myself, eating healthy, no caffeine, sleeping, and not trying to stress myself.

But you know, despite all of that, I'm gonna go out there and run my bones all the way, no pressure, no pressure, just run my race and break through.

Now, on the more fun and relieving side, this weekend, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be up on Santa Barbara with friends, and after that, San Francisco. I pray it all goes well with that too. That I keep safe. Safety.

And yah, pretty much.

Stay Tuned

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