Sunday, October 31, 2010

Knotts Scary Farm

So last night I went to Knotts Scary Farm. It was so much fun. I do not know why I get scared so easily when I know that people are going to pop out from everywhere to scare me. I like the feeling of being scared but it is weird that it can continue to happen over and over again throughout the entire night.

I think that I almost peed my pants a couple of times. I think another important thing that makes Knotts fun is the company that goes with you. I had great company last night even though he left me by myself inside the maze. Ok actually he did not leave me but in some mazes he did stay behind me a little bit so I could get scared more. It was fun but geez some of those people really scared me good. A lot of them I didn't even see. Some were sitting on the floor in the dark and others were hiding in the corners. It was a great night. I love being scared and I had tons of fun.

Yesterday was such a long day and I was ready for bed around 4 in the afternoon, but I wanted to go to Knotts so bad. I ended up staying up and going anyways and by 10 I was ready to sleep for the night. The funny thing is I didn't actually get to sleep until 530 in the morning. How crazy is that? I was up for over 24 hours yesterday and I had a game yesterday morning against APU. We played so well against them and ended up winning 11-7. Yesterday was a day to remember. So much fun. Hopefully tonight will be just as fun.

Until my fingers meet the keys, Amber

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