Monday, October 18, 2010


"In life, I've found that it's not necessarily important to be strong, but to feel strong."

Strenght. Today, I've felt this in my breathing, in the beat of my heart, in the rhythm my legs created during the morning work out and in the after feeling I was able to conceive from it, in my psych test. I have felt a strengh and it is divine, universal and my own. I've found myself now in this process of growth and progress. Everyday I'm free. Everyday I conceive a positive concept of who I'm, where I came from, and who I'm becoming. I have taken quite the philosophical perspective to kickstart my subconscious and conscious mind. I'm onto greater things, onto humble dreams, onto discovering my true potential and yet, still embrace the life of simplicity, down to my core, down to my most basic nature.

And with that on mind, yes, in today's work out I felt amazing. I felt complete. After I went to study for my psyc test and got a free coffee drink by just filling out this survey. The test itself I felt very confident about it. After that, well, after that I was able to come across that very dear special friend whom I always enjoy speaking with, she tells me of her life and I listen, and I mean, I really listen, and she opens up and I just think it's utterly amazing how truthful and soulful people can be when they talk about the stuff that really matters to them.

She had to go to class, I went to the cafeteria. A few other friends were there, and this whole time I'd been thinking of hot chocolate. Of course I've made my way right with the universe I think, because I did get another free drink, a hot chocolate my friend offered without me even having to say anything. How funny is that. I love it. This is what I mean by finding my balance with my life, with those around me, embracing those things I can and having the wisdom to let go of those I can't. And before you know it, it all starts to work, it falls into place and the next thing is you find yourself getting two free drinks within a few hours apart.

I'm going places, I'm doing things, I know it in my heart of hearts I will. Why?-Should you ask. Because I feel right, I feel at peace, I'm filled with such a truthful perception of life now. Because in life I've found, it's not necessarily important to be strong, but to feel strong.

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  1. I really like this! it really hit me in the heart. Thanks!